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Which SOP to choose

The first 4 SOPs apply to all ICS content creation and must be adhered to before identifying which SOP to follow.

1. Creation of a working group to create ICS content
How to create a working group in accordance with ICS policy to create ICS content.

2. Disclosure and Sponsorship Guidelines when creating ICS content
Guidelines regarding disclosure and sponsorship when creating ICS content

3. ICS Content Proposal form
All content to be prepared should be explained within the ICS Content Proposal Form and sent to the ICS office. Download here

4. Developing Evidence-based standards document
P.Rosier et al 2012 paper entitled Developing Evidence-based standards for Diagnosis and Management of Lower Urinary Tract or Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Here are the types of ICS content that can be created. If you cannot work out which SOP to follow contact the office!

Category of Content Description Reviewed by:
Video SOP
ICS Education 3-Part Module The ICS Education Module represents the gold standard for ICS. The module includes a 3-part format: 1) Official ICS-consensus PowerPoint available for download 2) A studio-quality video (hosted on the ICS website) and 3) A peer-reviewed published article published in the ICS Journal, Continence. The outcome of these modules is that educators around the world, and ICS faculty, can download the ICS module and present this to their students/colleagues. Additionally, if people are unable to attend a course on the topic the video can serve as an excellent educational tool. The ICS Education Module has template guidelines to use when preparing PowerPoint slides. 1) Board of Trustees 2) Relevant Committees 3) Education & Standardisation Committee 4) Independent Reviewers
ICS Express Learning (Education) Video An ICS Express Learning educational video is a 1-part short presentation about a topic recorded (typically in the studio) and hosted on the ICS website. 1. Relevant Committees 2. Education & Standardisation Committee 3. IT for Quality
ICS Interviews An ICS interview is a short dialogue at an ICS event or annual meeting regarding a specific topic (suggested topics are outlined below in interview SOP). 1. ICS Office 2. IT for Quality
Webinar Webinar is short for web-based seminar. A webinar is a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Web (website/internet) using video conferencing software. A key feature of a Webinar is its interactive elements: the ability to give, receive and discuss information in real-time. This could be live with an invited audience via Zoom/Teams/Webex or recorded and circulated to the wider audience. A webinar is highly interactive ideally with the one speaker. Could even be live surgery or experiment. 1. Relevant Committees 2. Education & Standardisation Committee 3. IT for Quality
Publication SOP
Standardisation Report The Standardisation Steering Committee establishes terminology and methodology in the ICS’s areas of activity in order to underpin professional standards of clinical management and research. Documents are to be of highest quality consensus, contemporary, engaging, and a valuable contribution to the academic wealth of the ICS and any other collaborating societies. Definitions should be accurate, concise and, unless there is good cause, consistent. 1. Board of Trustees 2. Relevant Committees 3. Education & Standardisation Committee 4. Independent Reviewers 5. Membership Peer Review
White Paper ICS white papers will typically be commissioned by the Board of Trustees or by ICS committees. A white paper is an article that sets out an organisation's position or philosophy about a social, political, or clinical subject, or a not-too-detailed technical explanation of an architecture, framework, or product technology. Typically, a white paper explains the results, conclusions, or construction resulting from an organised committee or research collaboration or design and development effort. 1. Board of Trustees 2. Relevant Committees 3. Education & Standardisation Committee 4. Independent Reviewers
ICS Committee Paper, Report, Project Prepared by an ICS committee, the end result of the endeavour could be one of the following but is not limited to: Paper, Report, Factsheet for professionals or patients, Leaflet, Chapter in a book 1. Board of Trustees 2. Relevant Committees 3. Education & Standardisation Committee 4. Independent Reviewers
ICS Consensus Statement and Guidelines Prepared by an ICS working group or committee, the end result of the endeavour will be a paper to outline the general agreement related to (and not limited to) a procedure or treatment 1. Board of Trustees 2. Relevant Committees 3. Education & Standardisation Committee 4. 3 Independent Reviewers
Book Prepared by a committee, working group or individual to write a book for full publication on behalf of the ICS. 1. Board of Trustees 2. Relevant Committees 3. Relevant Outside Organisations
News Any content which is considered an ICS news article 1. ICS Office
Dispute of Quality of Material If any ICS Online Educational Content is of concerning quality and ethics to the point that the observer believes it needs to be removed from ICS TV. In addition, we envision providing the ability for all to comment on material even if removal is not recommended. 1. Education Committee 2. IT for technical quality 3. Board of Trustee 4. Editor of Continence 5. Ethics Committee
Annual Meeting Content Content from Annual Scientific Meetings (ASMs) includes presented abstracts, presented abstract videos, workshops, State of the Art lectures, Round Tables, webcasts, and other sessions held at the Annual Meeting. 1. Scientific Committee prior to Meeting 2. Education Committee reviews workshops with Scientific Chairs 4. IT for Quality
Collaboration Any collaboration with other Societies including joint publications, committee paper, report, project, consensus statement, guidelines and links to external society websites 1. Board of Trustees
Endorsement ICS endorsement of product/course/publication 1. Board of Trustees 2. Education Committee
Links to External Videos Content Linked via ICS TV but not created by ICS 1. Relevant Committees plus 2 Independent reviewers 2. Permission in Writing from Source Creator of Video
ICS Courses, Add-on Courses, and Lectures Application and process for ICS members to request a add-on course or Guest Lecture. ICS faculty/one time event Provision of finance is dependent on application. 1. Education Committee 2. Relevant Committees
ICS recognised courses Application 1. Education Committee 2. Relevant Committees
Translation of ICS Documents Process to translate any ICS Content

The following SOPs are still to be the meantime contact ICS Office for information

- Links to External Videos/websites

- ICS recognised courses

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