Getting Started

Which SOP to choose

The first 4 SOPs apply to all ICS content creation and must be adhered to before identifying which SOP to follow.

1. Creation of a working group to create ICS content
How to create a working group in accordance with ICS policy to create ICS content.

2. Disclosure and Sponsorship Guidelines when creating ICS content
Guidelines regarding disclosure and sponsorship when creating ICS content

3. ICS Content Proposal form
All content to be prepared should be explained within the ICS Content Proposal Form and sent to the ICS office. Download here

4. Developing Evidence-based standards document
P.Rosier et al 2012 paper entitled Developing Evidence-based standards for Diagnosis and Management of Lower Urinary Tract or Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Here are the types of ICS content that can be created. If you cannot work out which SOP to follow contact the office!

Video SOPs

  • ICS Education 3-Part Module
  • ICS Express Learning (Education) Video
  • ICS Interviews
  • Webinar

Publication SOPs

  • Standardisation Report
  • ICS Committee Paper, Report, Project, Consensus Statement and Guidelines
  • White Paper
  • Book
  • News


  • Annual Meeting Content
  • ICS Courses, Add-on Courses, and Lectures
  • Dispute of Quality of Material

The following SOPs are still to be the meantime contact ICS Office for information

- Training Centers

- Collaboration
Any collaboration with other Societies including joint publications, committee paper, report, project, consensus statement, guidelines and links to external society websites.

- Links to External Videos/websites
Content Linked via ICS TV but not created by ICS, part of Institute-Curated curriculum.

- ICS recognised courses

- Translations of ICS documents

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