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Round Table Discussions

Multi-disciplinary panels

Our international and multi-disciplinary panels will bring you the hottest topics and the latest research.

Pelvic pain: from syndromes to treatable diagnostic entities

This roundtable will focus on specialty-based pelvic pain (Urology Gyn Musculoskeletal Neurological and Colorectal) with emphasis on when to suspect certain causes, with specific discussion of more difficult, treatable entities.

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Women’s Sexual Health and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

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The aim of this round table is to discuss the most up-to-date evidence and advanced clinical practice on sexual health and pelvic floor function and disorders in women. A multidisciplinary panel of experts in sexology, physiotherapy and urogynecology has been gathered to tackle this important topic.

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Nocturia - A Circadian Dysrhythmia

The session is a who's who of experts in the discipline of nocturia. The topic is timely in expanding nocturia as merely a urological symptom, to a gateway to diagnosis of cardiovascular disease and disorders of sleep physiology, incorporating the latest advances in clinical and basic science underpinnings of nocturia and its manifold associated comorbidities.

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Emerging Neuromodulation Technologies for the Treatment of OAB

This roundtable will examine several emerging technologies including tibial nerve implants and innovations in sacral, transcranial as well as non-invasive spinal stimulation. An awareness of these new modalities is critical as we continue to seek to improve the care of our patients with OAB.

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Optimal service delivery for conservative therapies

Answering the questions: What is service delivery? Who are stakeholders and what is their specific role and relation to each other? What is ‘optimal’ related to conservative treatment for pelvic floor dysfunctions? How to organize optimal service delivery for conservative treatment?

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Unravelling OAB: the road to precision treatments

This round table will delve into the pathophysiology of overactive bladder, to demonstrate how deciphering the symptoms and urodynamics’ profile may help to identify several subtypes of OAB. The existing evidence showing that these various OAB phenotypes respond differently to the current OAB treatments will also be discussed.

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What do we really know about the external urethral sphincter?

The aim of the workshop is to increase knowledge about the normal and pathological functions of the external urethral sphincter and identify potential therapeutic targets and strategies that might normalise EUS function. This Round Table is a must for all health professionals with an interest in understanding the basis of pathological changes to the micturition cycle and investigative scientists interested in muscle pathophysiology.

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