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Andrea Branas

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Andrea Branas

Address:United States 
Updated:Wednesday 18th April 2018 09:52:51
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Andrea Branas is a physical therapist and Clinical Practice Coordinator at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Andrea has been working with children and adults with pelvic floor disorders for 20 years. At the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Andrea works with children and adolescents with pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence and pelvic pain. Andrea also provides rehabilitation to patients with congenital anomalies such as bladder exstrophy and imperforate anus. In addition to clinical care, Andrea teaches at local and national level for physical therapists and nurses with interest in pelvic floor rehabilitation, oncology rehabilitation and lymphedema. Andrea received her physical therapy education from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia and Arcadia University. Prior to becoming a physical therapist, Andrea completed her Masters in System Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania.