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Dr Jennifer Dart Yin Sihoe

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Jennifer Sihoe

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Profession:Paediatric Surgeon
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I graduated from the University of Nottingham medical school, UK and completed my training in Paediatric Surgery in Hong Kong with the Chinese University of Hong Kong affiliated hospital. I have been working with main interest in Paediatric Urology on qualification under the mentorship of Prof CK Yeung. I have been in charge of the urological service serving the whole of the northern cluster of HK and also the only Incontinence care centre in hk for 8 years after completion of training. I have been actively involved in teaching of medical students at the Chinese University in Hong Kong as well as in the training of specialist Paediatric surgeons in the sub speciality of Paediatric Urology. During my career, I have helped with the organisation of several international conferences such as with APAPU held in hk in 2003 and the international ensuresis symposium in 2007. I am also one of the founding director and current treasurer of the hk society of Paediatric Surgery and have organised a number of scientific meetings and urdynamic workshops in hk. I am involved in many local public education programs to raise awareness of incontinence care.

My areas of teaching interest would be in Paediatric urodynamics, nocturnal enuresis, daytime urinary incontinence in children, psychological impacts, neurogenic bladders, surgical applications in Paediatric incontinence care., to name a few.

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