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Prof Laszlo Szabo
Semmelweis University

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Laszlo Szabo


Qualifications:PhD Professor Chairman of Department/Section
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NAME : Prof. László Szabó, M.D., Ph.D. med habil

DATE AND May 21, 1952 PLACE OF BIRTH: Budapest, Hungary

EDUCATION: M.D. Semmelweis Medical University Budapest, 1977
Pediatrist Postgraduate Medical University Hungarian Board of Pediatrics, Budapest 1981 Nephrologist Postgraduate Medical University Hungarian Board of Nephrology, Budapest 1988 Health manager Semmelweis Medical University, Budapest 1996 Specialist of Hypertension Hungarian Board of Hypertension, Budapest 1998 Specialist of Urodynamics Hungarian Board of Continence, Budapest 1999

RESIDENCY and FELLOWSHIP: Pediatrics Child Health Center Borsod County Teaching Hospital Miskolc, Hungary 1977-1981 Nephrology II nd Children Department Postgarduate Medical University Borsod County Teaching Hospital (1/2 year in Adult Dialysis Center) Miskolc, Hungary 1986-1988

RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP: Hungarian Academy of Science 1990-1993

DEGREE; Ph.D. Hungarian Academy of Science 1993 Urodynamics of the lower urinary tract in children (in Hungarian) med habil University of Pecs 2007 Prof. of Pediatrics University of Miskolc 2007 Semmelweis University 2011 RECENT STAFF POSITIONS: Professor of Pediatrics Semmelweis University, Budapest from 2011

Chief of Department Internal Medicine, Pal Heim Children Hospital, Budapest from 2012

HONOUR: Szabó, L. and Tikász, E.:Customs of nourishment in Boldva district. (in Hungarian) Academy Board of Miskolc, The Hungarian Academy of Science, Recipient for Certficate of Merit. 1983 Szabó, L.: Urodynamics of the lower urinary tract in children – Thesis European Association of Urology, Thesis Award, 1996 Certificate of the best presenter. Association of Family doctors. 2001 Certificate of distinguished lecturer. Association of Students of Miskolc 2004 Szabó, L. et al: Videourodynamics in the diagnosis of urinary tract abnormalities in a single center. Pediatric Nephrology 2004,19:326-31. The most excellent publication of the year. Hungarian Ass. of Nephrology. 2005 Honorary Member of the Slovakian Pediatric Association 2006 Golden Rocking-Horse Prize, Promenade Publisher 2006 Golden Medal of The Child Health Centre of Miskolc 2007 Certificate of Merit by Director of Borsod County Teaching Hospital 2007 Grand Prize of Hungarian Pediatric Nephrology 2010 Honorary Member of the Primary Care Padiatrics of Hungary 2010 Medal Batthyányi Strautman László Hunagrian State 2011 Medal Schoepf Merei Agost Hungarian Pediatriac Association 2012 Honorary Member of the Croatian Pediatric Association 2012

PROFESSIONAL SOCIETIES: International Continence Society 1989- International Children Continence Society (foundation member) 2009- European Society of Pediatric Nephrology 1991- International Pediatric Nephrology Assoctiation 1992- European Society for Pediatric Infectiosus Diseases 2007- International research Continence Society (foundation member) 1997- Hungarian Association of Pediatrics 1978- Hungarian Association of Nephrology 1985- Academy Bord of Miskolc, Section of Nephrology 1993-2011 Hungarian Association of Hypertension 1993- Hungarian Association of Urology 1996- Hungarian Continence Society (foundation member) 2004- Hungarian Continence Society President 2015- EDITORIAL BOARD Year Book of Pediatric Radiology from 1996 Mi lapunk (Our Journal, in Hungarian) from 1994 Gyermekorvos továbbképzés(Postgraduate pediatrics, in Hungarian)from 2002 Gyermekgyógyászat (Pediatrics, in Hungarian) (editor) from 2004 MEMBERSHIP OF THE COUNCIL Hungarian Association of Hypertension from1997 Scientific Academy of Miskolc, 1993-2011 Regional Scientific Research Etics Committee of Borsod and Heves County (Chairman)2000-2011 Hungarian Continence Society from 2004 Hungarian Pediatric Association (secretary general) 2004-2007 European Paediatric Association (EPA) (Board member) 2007-2011 EPA (Council Member) 2007-2011 Representativ of EPA at WHO 2010-2011 Hungarian Pediatric Association (President) 2008-2011 Past President 2012-2015

STUDY TOURS 1989 – University Hospital of Nijmegen, Nijmegen, The Netherland 1 week, 1990 - John Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, and Koiser Childrens Hospital,Luisville, USA - 2 weeks, 1990 - University Childrens Hospital, Utrecht, The Netherlands - 1 week, 1993 - Universitatsklinik, Graz, Austria - 1 week, 1994 - Hospital for Sick Children, Nephrology, Urology, Toronto, Canada - 4 weeks, 1994 - Cleveland Clinic Foundation and Rainbow Children Hospital,Nephrology, Cleveland, USA - 2 weeks, 1994 - Children Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, USA - 2 weeks, 1994 - Institute od Child Health, Great Ormond Street Children Hospital, London, England - 4 weeks.

PUBLICATIONS Book 2 Sections in Books 24 (2 in English) Scientific competition essay 5 (2 in English) Lecture notes 2 (1 in English) Articals: 107 (37 in English) IF: 21,408 Lectures: 561, In English 96.

Prof Laszlo Szabo declared on the Saturday 20th April 2019 that they did not have any existing or known future financial relationships or affiliations to disclose (NONE).