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Mrs Danielle van Reijn

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Danielle van Reijn

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Ms Daniƫlle van Reijn is working since 1991 as a general physiotherapist in the Netherlands, and graduated master Movementsiences. She worked in a hospital during 15 years with special interest for children with astma, department urology and gynaecology. As a pelvic floor physiotherapist she is working since 2003, in a private practice and specialised clinic with patients with pelvic floor dysfunction specially on the anorectal domain. She is a teacher for students for master pelvic floor physiotherapy and give lectures to assistants surgery and gastroenterology.
In 2017 she started her Phd to investigate the role of pelvic floor dysfunctions and treatment in chronic anal fissure. The Randomised Controlled Trial started end 2018. Data will be expected at the end op 2021.