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Dr Yukio Homma
Japanese Red Cross Medical Center

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Yukio Homma


Qualifications:Chairman of Department/Section
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Yukio Homma is President of Japanese Red Cross Medical Center in Tokyo and the former Professor and Chair of the Department of Urology at the University of Tokyo. He completed his medical education at The University of Tokyo in 1978. His initial research interest was carcinogenesis and prevention of bladder and prostate cancer. In late 80s, he started his career specializing in lower urinary tract dysfunctions. His current research interest involves the etiology and assessment of the lower urinary tract dysfunctions including benign prostatic hyperplasia, overactive bladder, and interstitial cystitis. One of his recent achievements is developing overactive bladder symptom score (OABSS), a new symptom assessment tool for OAB. He is an Executive Member of the Japanese Continence Society, and represents for the Japanese Society of Geriatric Urology and the Society of Interstitial Cystitis of Japan. He has published more than 500 English articles in journals of oncology and urology.

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