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Dr Brian S Buckley
University of the Philippines, Manila

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Brian Buckley

Committee Member

Profession:Health Services Researcher
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I entered research after many years of involvement with patient organisations, at first in a voluntary capacity and then professionally. I am still a voluntary trustee of a UK patient charity and I maintain an academic interest in the inclusion of representative patient and carer perspectives in research prioritisation, design and conduct.

I am also interested in the identification of research needs and in health services research which can inform service delivery domestically and in developing countries and under-resourced regions of the world.

I would like to see health research identify those challenges and issues where research can make significant differences to the lives and opportunities of patients and the clinicians to whom they turn for help, both nationally and internationally.


Visiting Fellow, University of Southampton

Visiting Professor, Department of Surgery, University of the Philippines, Manila - assisting surgical residents in designing, conducting and reporting research.

Editor, Cochrane Collaboration Incontinence Review Group (2008 - present)



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Glazener C, Boachie C, Buckley B, Cochran C, Dorey G, Grant A, Hagen S, Kilonzo M, Moore K, N’Dow J, Ramsay C, Vale L A randomised controlled trial of conservative treatment (pelvic floor muscle training and bladder training) for urinary incontinence in men after prostate surgery (MAPS) (abstract) NeuroUrology and Urodynamics 2010; 29 (6): 1093-1094

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Dr Brian S Buckley declared on the Thursday 9th April 2020 that they did not have any existing or known future financial relationships or affiliations to disclose (NONE).