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Ms Desiree Vrijens
Maastricht University Medical Centre

ICS 2022

Open Discussion Session 22 Open Discussion ePosters 315 Multidisciplinary treatment for functional urological disorders with psychosomatic comorbidity in a tertiary pelvic care center - a cohort study

ICS 2018

Non Discussion Abstract Session 36 Non Discussion Abstracts 733 The diagnostic yield of the work-up in women with recurrent urinary tract infection.

ICS 2017

Podium Short Oral Session 32 Neuromodulation and Intravesical Therapies 550 Neuromodulation in chronic pelvic pain: a systematic review

Open Discussion Session 35 Open Discussion ePosters 3 636 Age-related differences of bladder sensations in OAB patients

ICS 2016

Podium Short Oral Session 15 Experiences, Expectations and Perspectives in Pelvic Floor Dysfunction 246 Prevalence of anxiety and affective symptoms and their association with pelvic floor dysfunctions-a cross sectional cohort study at a pelvic care centre

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Desiree Vrijens

ICS Committee Member

Qualifications:PhD Staff Member
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Desiree Vrijens works as a urologist at the Maastricht University Medical Centre. Her speciality is functional and neuro-urology. In 2017 she finished her PhD: "Dysfunctions of the lower urinary tract and affective symptoms" and has a special interest in the interaction between brain and bladder. She is currently active in research concerning this relation but also in Sacral Neuromodulation research. In addition she has a post as a university teacher at the Maastricht University.

Ms Desiree Vrijens declared on the Tuesday 9th January 2024 that they did not have any existing or known future financial relationships or affiliations to disclose (NONE).