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Dr Bertrand Gachon

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Bertrand Gachon

ICS Member (Expired)

Profession:Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
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Dr. Bertrand GACHON is an Obstetrician and Gynecologist working in Poitiers University Hospital since 2016 (graduation) and now in clinic Bouchard in Marseille since 2022. His clinical activity is mainly represented by the management of complicated delivery, the prediction / prevention and management of obstetrical perineal trauma (levator avulsion, obstetric anal sphincter injury) and the management of pelvic floor disorders during and after pregnancy. He implemented in his department of obstetrics and gynecology a specific consultation for the management of pelvic floor disorders related to childbirth and pregnancy.

He is also involved into an important activity of teaching to medical students, midwives and physiotherapist students about the management of the pelvic floor disorders during and after the pregnancy. Finally, he has an important research activity in the thematic of the individual prediction of perineal trauma at childbirth. He graduated his PhD working in the Laboratory Motricite -Interaction – Performance EA4334, University of Nantes France. The topic of its PhD is to investigate changes in elastic properties of pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy using non-invasive technologies (shear wave elastography) and their impact on the individual risk of perineal trauma at childbirth.

Some of this work have been published and presented as podium presentation in ICS meeting (Florence 2017, Philadelphia 2018,Melbourne 2020). He is also involved in another research team which is the INSERM 1402-unit, CIC Poitiers University Hospital. He recently got a 1 million euros national funding (PHRC Protocole Hospitalier de Recherche Clinique) for the implementation of a large national clinical study about the protective effect of mediolateral episiotomy during operative vaginal delivery in nulliparous women from obstetric anal sphincter injury within 120 recruiting centers in France. This study will began in 2021and is under analysis but some preliminary works in this thematic have been published and presented in ICS meetings (Philadelphia 2018, Best in category prize – Anorectal and bowel dysfunction). Finally, he is also involved in national society about pelvic floor disorders (CNGOF, SIFUD-PP) and a regular member of the ICS since 2017.