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Ray Rosen
New England Research Institutes

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Ray Rosen

Profession:Clinical Researcher
Updated:Thursday 28th June 2018 11:18:26
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Dr. Rosen is a senior investigator and leading expert in instrument development, design of large, observational studies and intervention research in male and female health. He has authored multiple books, chapters and publications on sexual and urologic disorders in aging men and women, hormone deficiency syndromes in men and women, and vulvovaginal disorders in women. Dr. Rosen is also a leading expert in instrument development and validation, with applications to quality of life measurement in clinical research. He has designed and published numerous well known quality of life measures, including current “gold standard” self-report measures for sexual function in both men and women. Dr. Rosen has served as a senior consultant to the FDA, NIH, other federal agencies, and the pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years. Dr. Rosen has published more than 400 papers in peer-reviewed journals and has received more than 30 grants and awards for research on these topics. He served as Chief Psychologist and Professor of Psychiatry at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School from 1982-2006. Dr. Rosen is currently Principal Scientist at HealthCore/NERI.