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Dr Kathleen Frances Hunter
University of Alberta

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Kathleen Hunter

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Profession:Nurse (Specialist/Advisor/Practitioner/Academic)
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Kathleen Hunter is a Professor at the University of Alberta, Faculty of Nursing, and practices as a Nurse Practitioner in an interprofessional continence clinic in Edmonton. She holds Canadian specialty certifications in both gerontological and continence nursing. Dr. Hunter’s research program is focused on lower urinary tract symptoms in older adults, OAB and falls, and acute hospital care for older adults living with dementia. Recent research activities include collaborating with colleagues to build an interprofessional continence research program, and work in the elder friendly hospital movement in Canada, with a focus on transitions between home and hospital, and bringing further attention to the issue of new onset incontinence as a hospital acquired harm for frail older adults. Dr. Hunter is the Nurse Practitioner Program Coordinator at her home faculty. She has presented nationally and internationally on topics related to continence, older adults and advanced practice nursing.

Dahlke, S., Hunter, K.F., Negrin, K., Kalogirou, R.F., Fox, M. & Wagg, A. (2018). The educational needs
of nursing staff when working with hospitalized older people. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 28, 221-234. Early online July 24, 2018. DOI: 10.1111/jocn.14631 IF 1.635

Hunter, K.F. & Wagg, A. (2018). Improving nurse engagement in continence care. Nursing: Research and Reviews, 8, 1-7. (Published online Aug 8, 2018). https://doi.org/10.2147/NRR.S144356

Gibson, W., Hunter, K.F., Camicioli, R., Booth, J., Rafferty, D., Skelton, D., Dumoulin, C., Paul, L. & Wagg, A. (2017). The association between lower urinary tract symptoms and falls: Forming a theoretical model for a research agenda. Submitted to Neurourology & Urodynamics early online May 4, 2017. DOI: 10.1002/nau.23295

Dumoulin, C., Adewuyi, T., Booth, J., Bradley, C., Burgio, K., Hagen, S., Hunter, K., Imamura, M., Morin, M., Morkved, S., Thakar, R., Wallace, S., Williams, K., Moore, K., Yamanishi, T. (2016). Adult conservative management (pp. 1443-1628). In P.H. Abrams, L. Cardoza, A.Wein, A. Wagg (Eds). 6th International Consultation on Incontinence (6th Ed.) ICUD/ICS.

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