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Dr Biagio Adile
Ospedali Riuniti Villa Sofia - Ceriello

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Biagio Adile


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Professor Biago Adile, born in Racalmuto (AG) Italy November the 3rd 1952, after obtained his degree in Medicine and Surgery at Palermo University he specialized in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

He spent some time as resident attending professor Zanollo department in Magenta Hospital in 1979 and in the same year he attended with great interest to the surgical activity in the unit.

Today he focused in the urinary incontinence field and pelvic floor dysfunction and pelvic reconstructive surgery.

Member since 1983 of Italian Urgynaecolgy Association (A.I.U.G.). Member since 1983 of Italian Urodynamic Society (S.I.U.D.) Member since 1983 of International Continence Society (I.C.S.) and of International Urogynaecology Association (I.U.G.A.).

In 1984 he translated into Italian language “Urodynamics: theory and Practice” written by Donald Ostergard edited by Medical Book.

From 1992 al 2003 he was board member of the Italian Urogynaeclogical Association (A.I.U.G.).

From 2004 he is permanent teacher in the Urogynaecolgy Master held by Perugia University.

From 2005 he is |Consultant Professor of Gynaecology Urology at the Palermo University Obestetrics and Gyanaecology School directed by Professor A. Perino.

In his practice, as director of the Urogynaecology Unit, regional reference centre of Sicily, he performs more than 250 urogynaecology surgical interventions and his team performs more than 5000 ambulatory activities per year between visits, bladder biopsy and cystoscopy, EMDA, PTNS, Urodynamics.

Esteemed author and co-author of more than one hundred National and Internationl papers.

President and Director of many educational national and international courses in Urogynaecology. Author of “Urogynaecology” an extensive multimedial text , written in cooperation with Professo Paulo Palma (director of “Pelvic Floor Reconstructive Surgery Center” in Campinas San Paolo,Brasil) and Professor Giancarlo Vignoli from Bologna University.

Actually professor Adile is managing director of Urogynaecology Unit, regional reference centre of Sicily in the diagnosis and treatment of female Urinary Incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction in “Villa Sofia –CTO” Hospital in Palermo.

Dr Biagio Adile declared on the Wednesday 11th June 2014 that they did not have any existing or known future financial relationships or affiliations to disclose (NONE).