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Prof Peter Emanuel Papa Petros
UWA Engineering School

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Peter Petros

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Qualifications:Professor PhD
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Co-inventor of TVT the posterior sling; inventor of 1st mini sling . Reconstructive pelvic floor surgeon and urogynecologist. 1st transperineal ultrasound in Australia 1995. Discovery of 3 new clinical conditions described for the first time in the literature 1. “Tethered Vagina Syndrome” an iatrogenic cause of severe urinary incontinence 2. The cause of continued incontinence after Obstetric Fistula Repair . 3. “Posterior Fornix Syndrome” a complex of urgency, nocturia, chronic pelvic pain and abnormal bladder emptying caused by laxity in the uterosacral ligaments.
Anatomical mechanisms
How midurethral sling works. Mechanics of bladder & bowel continence and evacuation, and dysfunction thereof.
Role of lax ligaments in causation of chronic pelvic pain.
An anatomical basis of OAB and how to test for it with simulated operations
A new PFR methodology for strengthening the 3 involuntary pelvic muscles (different from Kegel)
Neurourology A binary feedback concept of pelvic organ control
New concepts for Fowler's Syndrome

Prof Peter Emanuel Papa Petros declared on the Friday 9th February 2018 that they did not have any existing or known future financial relationships or affiliations to disclose (NONE).