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Dr Irina V Zabbarova
University of Pittsburgh

ICS 2023

Podium Short Oral Session 12 Physiology and Pharmacology 85 Deletion of insulin receptor in superficial and intermediate cells of bladder urothelium disrupts urothelial barrier function.

Podium Short Oral Session 12 Physiology and Pharmacology 89 Cellular senescence as a contributing mechanism to late radiation cystitis.

ICS 2022

Podium Short Oral Session 12 Biomechanics and Applied Science 200 Soluble guanylate cyclase activator, cinaciguat, promotes revascularization of the contused spinal cord to treat spinal cord injury induced dysfunction

Open Discussion Session 22 Open Discussion ePosters 322 Mitochondrial-targeted free radical scavenger, XJB-5-131, offers a prolonged protection against radiation cystitis.

ICS 2020

Open Discussion Session 12 ePoster 3 168 Naturally occurring benign prostatic hyperplasia in aged rodents: histologic evaluation and treatment.

Podium Short Oral Session 24 Sensory Function and Fibrosis 371 Sex differences in bladder wall fibrosis and compliance in spinal cord transected mice—role of angiotensin signalling

ICS 2019

Open Discussion Session 18 E-Poster 2 314 Soluble Guanylate Cyclase Activator, BAY 58-2667, Decreases Neurogenic Detrusor Overactivity and Reverses Bladder Fibrosis in Mice with Radiation Cystitis

Open Discussion Session 31 E-Poster 3 589 Gender Differences in Age-Related Bladder Dysfunction in Rats

ICS 2018

Podium Short Oral Session 31 Basic Science: Novel Bladder Insights 626 Disruption of NO•-sGC Signalling Results in Bladder Dysfunction Reversible with sGC Activators

ICS 2017

Podium Short Oral Session 4 Regulation of Bladder Contractility 34 Amelioration of detrusor-sphincter dyssynergia following spinal cord injury with LM11A-31, a small molecule p75 neurotrophin receptor antagonist

ICS 2016

Podium Short Oral Session 8 Systemic Models 164 p75 neurotrophin receptor inhibition for treatment of radiation cystitis

Podium Short Oral Session 11 Lower Urinary Tract Contractility and Remodelling 195 Relaxin treatment reverses age related bladder fibrosis

ICS 2011

Podium Poster Session 8 Investigation and Intervention 89 Inhibition of Urothelial TRPA1 Channels Protects the Bladder Against Radiation Cystitis.


Non Discussion Poster Session 31 401 Optical Mapping of the Mouse Cortex in Response to Bladder Stimulation

Non Discussion Poster Session 31 509 Spinal Cord Injury Leads to Afferent-mediated Trigone-to-Detrusor Coupling: Revealed Using Optical Mapping

ICS 2009

Podium Poster Session 29 Painful Bladder Syndrome / IC 267 Bladder-Colon Cross-Sensitization Induced Bladder Overactivity

Podium Poster Session 29 Painful Bladder Syndrome / IC 268 Mouse Model for Characterization of Radiation Cystitis and its Prevention Using a New Class of Radioprotectors

ICS 2007

Non Discussion Poster Session 17 221 The Urothelium in FIC (feline interstitial cystitis) Cat Bladders Exhibits Altered Responses to UTP—Elucidated Using Optical Imaging

Podium Poster Session 8 Pharmacology, Basic and Clinical:Room: Grote Zaal - Chairs: Karl Erik Andersson & Martin Michel 51 Mitochondrially-Targeted Drugs for the Prevention of Radiation Cystitis

Podium Poster Session 10 Experimental Physiology:Room: Grote Zaal - Chairs: Naoki Yoshimura & Gommert van Koeveringe 72 Irradiation Induces Detrusor Overactivity - Studied Acutely Using aMouse Model of Radiation Cystitis

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Irina Zabbarova

ICS Editorial Board Member

Profession:Medical Researcher
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Dr Irina V Zabbarova declared on the Tuesday 28th February 2023 that they did not have any existing or known future financial relationships or affiliations to disclose (NONE).