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Dr Mary H Wilde
University of Rochester (NY)

ICS 2014

Podium Poster Session 19 Aging and Continence Care 322 A randomized clinical trial of self-management of urine flow in long-term indwelling urinary catheter users

ICS 2013

Podium Poster Session 6 Epidemiology and Outcomes 1 42 A new urinary catheter self-management scale (C-SMG)

Non Discussion Poster Session 34 593 A new urinary catheter self-efficacy scale (C-SE)

ICS 2012

Podium Poster Session 11 Rehabilitation and Conservative Treatments I 112 Long-term indwelling urinary catheter problems

Podium Poster Session 11 Rehabilitation and Conservative Treatments I 115 Revised Indwelling Urinary Catheter-related Quality of Life Instrument (C-IQoL2)


Non Discussion Poster Session 31 649 A Qualitative Descriptive Study of Self-management Issues in People with Long-term Intermittent Urinary Catheters

ICS 2009

Non Discussion Poster Session 32 339 Prospective Study of Long-term Urinary Catheter Use

Podium Poster Session 6 Quality of Life & Epidemiology 48 A new catheter-related quality of life instrument for long-term urinary catheter users

ICS 2007

Non Discussion Abstract Session 19 Read By Title 496 A pilot study of self-monitoring urine flow in long-term urinary catheter users

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Mary Wilde


Profession:Nurse (Specialist/Advisor/Practitioner/Academic)
Qualifications:PhD Professor
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Dr Mary H Wilde declared on the Thursday 4th January 2018 that they did not have any existing or known future financial relationships or affiliations to disclose (NONE).