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Dr Jacques Corcos
Jewish General Hospital

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Jacques Corcos

ICS Editorial Board Member

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Dr. Corcos is Professor of Surgery (Urology) at McGill University, Chief of the Department of Urology at the Sir Mortimer B. Davis Jewish General Hospital (1990-2010) Director of Urology unit at the Rehabilitation Institute of Montreal and consultant at the Montreal Shiners’ Hospital (1990-2012) From 2007 to 2010 he was also director of the surgical robotic program at the Jewish General hospital.
He graduated from Montpellier University (France) in 1977 and completed his training in surgery, Urology and Tropical medicine at the same University in 1985. In 82-83 he completed a year of fellowship in Sherbrooke (Canada).
From 1978 to 1980 he served in the French army as surgeon at Bambari hospital and at the leprosery of Aghoudou Manda (Centrafrica republic). Since he extensively traveled and volunteered in developing countries and established cooperation and training programs with Morocco, Mexico, Cambodia and China. He received funding for these programs from the Canadian government and the SIU/CUA program. Several young physicians from these countries took advantage from these initiatives. His last initiative has been the creation of a fellowship in neuro urology, supported by the ICS. In 2011 he created the Healthy Mother of The World foundation dedicated to care of women afflicted with obstetrical fistula in Africa.
Dr Jacques Corcos is the Director of the Incontinence Axis of the Geriatric Network of an important funding agency.. His research focuses mainly on bladder dysfunction, benign prostatic hypertrophy, incontinence, urodynamic and neuro-stimulation. The Canadian Health Institutes of Research (CHIR), Kidney Foundation and the FRSQ fund him. He is the owner of three patents for urological devices.
He is the President-founder of the Canadian Foundation for Research on Incontinence (www.CFRInc.ca) granting basic and clinical research in incontinence inCanada since 2005.

Member of several journals editorials (including NeuroUrology and Urodynamics) and review boards, Co Editor in Chief of the Chinese Journal of Urology, he as published more than 200 articles in peer reviewed journals, wrote several book chapters and edited 8 books as well: “Les vessies neurogènes de l’adulte” (1996), “The Urinary Sphincter” (2001), Neurogenic Bladders (2004-2010-2015) ,Evaluation and treatment of Neurogenic bladders in 2004, Consultation in neuro urology (2017) and Overactive bladder (2017).

Dr Corcos is heavily involved in medical education, teaching students and residents and organizing several national and international continuous medical education activities and meetings. For years he is actively involved in the scientific program of ICS meetings, presenting his team’s work, moderating sessions and animating workshops. He has been the Chair of the 35th ICS annual meeting in 2005. That meeting saw the biggest attendance ever for an ICS meeting (3500 delegates) and received an outstanding positive feed back from the attendees. He became General secretary of ICS in 2008 till 2011.
Finally he has been the Co chair of the 4 “Forum international Francophone de Pedagogie medicale” (2000-3-7-10) and of the Canadian Urogynecology biannual meeting (2003-06-09).

He is a member of several national (French and North American) and International Societies and Associations. Dr Corcos is former executive member of different regional and national urological societies and specialists governing bodies.
At the ICS he is member of the Advisory board since 2001, Chair of the Neuro- urology Committee and member of the ICS ethics committee and of the CRC (Constitution review committee). Since 2006 he is the president of the Ambassador Club of Montreal; group of more than 200 scientitists and businessmen having for aim the promotion of the city.

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