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Ana Charrua
Faculty of Medicine University of Porto

ICS 2020

Podium Short Oral Session 24 Sensory Function and Fibrosis 366 Is soluble VEGFR1 a putative biomarker and therapeutic target for BPS/IC?

ICS 2019

Podium Short Oral Session 21 Pain Mediators and Interventions 442 Early life stressful events induce chronic bladder pain in adulthood – involvement of TRPV1.

ICS 2018

Podium Session 14 Best Basic Science 258 Aging associated underactive bladder involves a decrease in urethral serotonin released by 5HT-expressing cells. An experimental study in rat.

Podium Session 14 Best Basic Science 263 Urethral serotonin stimulates an urethro-vesical reflex

Podium Short Oral Session 24 Basic Science: Overactive Bladder and Pain 461 Chronic stress increases plasmatic and urinary levels of NGF leading to increased bladder pain and bladder hyperactivity. Experimental study in the rat.

ICS 2017

Open Discussion ePoster Session 19 Open Discussion ePosters 2 349 Detrusor Underactivity caused by Bladder Outlet Obstruction is associated with a defect in the bladder afferent pathway

ICS 2016

Podium Short Oral Session 8 Systemic Models 166 Bladder pain induced in rats by chronic stress is mediated by prolonged stimulation of alpha 1A adrenoceptors.

ICS 2015

Podium Session 29 Nerves and Bladder Sensations 444 Bladder pain in BPS/IC may result from an exaggerated response of TRPV1 and enhanced urothelial ATP release induced by chronic adrenergic overactivity

Podium Session 29 Nerves and Bladder Sensations 445 Fatty acid amide hydrolase inhibitor improves function of inflamed bladders by simultaneous modulation of anandamide and palmitolylethanolamide levels.

ICS 2013

Non Discussion Poster Session 34 361 FAAH inhibition reverses bladder reflex activity and reduces bladder hyperalgesia induced by cystitis through a CB1-mediated mechanism.

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Ana Charrua


Profession:Basic Scientist
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I am a basic scientist (neurourology) at the FMUP & I3S-IBMC, Portugal. My main research interest are the mechanisms of chronic visceral pain and of underactive bladder. I've taught Histology & Embriology at FMUP and at FCNAUP. Now I teach Neuronal Cell Cultures to Doctoral Programs and MSci Programs.