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Dr Matthew Oliver Fraser
Duke University and Durham Veterans Affairs Medical Centers

ICS 2021

Open Discussion Session 24 On Demand Neurourology 357 Non-voiding Contractions in the Spinal Cord Injured Rat are not Dyssynergic Voiding Contractions

ICS 2017

Open Discussion Session 9 Open Discussion ePosters 1 87 The development of aberrant bladder reflexes that drive hind limb locomotor activity following complete suprasacral spinal cord injury

ICS 2016

Podium Short Oral Session 8 Systemic Models 163 Differential responsiveness to sacral neurostimulation across the bladder filling cycle in rodents: Later-phase is more effective for increasing bladder capacity than earlier-phase stimulation

ICS 2015

Oral ePoster Session 24 Biomechanics and Experimental Models 303 Cell Therapy for Neurogenic Detrusor Overactivity: Proof of Concept using Intramural Implantation of Adrenal Medullary Chromaffin Cells following Chronic Suprasacral Spinal Cord Injury

Open Discussion Poster Session 26 Open Discussion Poster 401 Differential effects of stepwise pharmacological autonomic denervation or direct smooth muscle relaxation on urodynamic parameters in chronic spinal cord injured rats

ICS 2014

Open Discussion Poster Session 37 Pharmacology 575 Superior Efficacy of Combination Pharmacotherapy for Treatment of Neurogenic Detrusor Overactivity

ICS 2013

Non Discussion Poster Session 34 522 The Effects of Bilateral Bipolar L6-S1 Trunk Neurostimulation on Continuous Cystometric Parameters Before and After Bladder Irritation

Non Discussion Poster Session 34 602 Dramatic Effects of a Selective beta3-Adrenergic Agonist on Indices of Neurogenic Bladder Overactivity Associated with Suprasacral Spinal Cord Injury

Non Discussion Poster Session 34 626 Striking Dose- and Time-Dependency of Radiation Cystitis in the Rat: Repeat Cystometric Evaluation with Saline Alone and Potassium Chloride Challenge

ICS 2011

Non Discussion Poster Session 29 458 The Nature of Non-Voiding Contractions in the Rat: A Pharmacological Investigation using a Novel Video Urodynamics Technique


Podium Poster Session 8 Female LUTS, Clinical and Basic Science 62 Video Urodynamics in Rats Reveals Active Bladder Dome Filling by Directional Contraction of the Base

Podium Poster Session 8 Female LUTS, Clinical and Basic Science 63 Simultaneous Multi-position Urethral Biomechanics: The Effects of Diabetes on Urethral Biomechanical Properties in the Rat

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Matthew Fraser

ICS Member (Expired)

Qualifications:PhD Professor
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Dr Matthew Oliver Fraser declared on the Tuesday 8th February 2022 that they did not have any existing or known future financial relationships or affiliations to disclose (NONE).