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Miss Alison Hainsworth
Guys' and St Thomas' Hospital

ICS 2017

Open Discussion Session 19 Open Discussion ePosters 2 415 Findings on integrated total pelvic floor ultrasound and defaecation proctography relate to vaginal symptoms in women with defaecatory dysfunction

Podium Short Oral Session 20 Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms 448 Prospective validation of integrated total pelvic floor (transperineal, transvaginal) ultrasound in pelvic floor defaecatory dysfunction by comparison with defaecation proctography

Podium Short Oral Session 34 Basic Science 3 581 Defining ‘normal’ anatomical and functional findings on integrated total pelvic floor ultrasound

ICS 2016

Podium Short Oral Session 12 Natural History of the Pelvic Floor 212 The Association of Levator Plate Deficiency with Rectocoele, Intussusception, Enterocoele, Vaginal Symptoms and Symptoms of Defaecatory Dysfunction

Open Discussion Session 19 Open Discussion ePosters 285 Which tests should we be using for decision making in the pelvic floor multidisciplinary meeting?

Open Discussion Session 19 Open Discussion ePosters 347 Comparison of anatomical findings in integrated total pelvic floor ultrasound with defaecation MRI in pelvic floor defaecatory dysfunction

ICS 2015

Podium Short Oral Session 11 Anorectal Dysfunction 179 Total Pelvic Floor Ultrasound in Pelvic Floor Defaecatory Dysfunction

Podium Short Oral Session 21 Assessment, Measurement and Imaging 278 The Measurement and Assessment of Rectocoele using Pelvic Floor Ultrasound and Proctography

Open Discussion Session 25 Open Discussion ePoster 368 The use of Total Pelvic Floor Ultrasound in the Colorectal Pelvic Floor Multidisciplinary Meeting

Open Discussion Poster Session 26 Open Discussion Poster 393 Comparison of three dimensional high resolution manometry to standard water perfused ano rectal manometry in the evaluation of anorectal disease.

Non Discussion Abstract Session 39 Non Discussion Abstracts 543 Outcomes after transvaginal rectocoele repair and levatorplasty

Open Discussion Session 8 Open Discussion ePoster 81 Telephone Triage Pelvic Floor Assessment Clinic

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Alison Hainsworth

ICS Committee Member

Profession:Trainee (Student / Fellow / Resident / Registrar)
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Miss Alison Hainsworth declared on the Sunday 7th January 2024 that they did not have any existing or known future financial relationships or affiliations to disclose (NONE).